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Light Rescue

Light Rescue

SKU: LightRescue

  Light Rescue Spec Sheet

Ferrara’s Light Rescues are available between 10 feet to 14 feet in giving you the flexibility to arrange the compartmentation and performance to meet the exact purpose of your truck. The Light Rescue are ideal for all rescue functions especially EMS, first response and support vehicles for all types of fire departments.


Chassis:  Ford, Dodge, International
Doors:  4 door or 2 door
Body:  Extruded Aluminum 
Modular 12 Gauge Galvanneal 
Modular 3/16” Aluminum 
Modular 12 Gauge Stainless Steel
Compartments:  Customized for a walk around
Compartment Doors:  Roll up, solid pan construction or both
Equipment Mount:  Custom fabricated brackets and toolboxes engineered to fit your equipment
Warranty:  Cab structural and body structural is 10 year or 100,000 miles


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