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LP-102 Aerial Ladder

LP-102 Aerial Ladder

SKU: LP102AerialLadder

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 LP102 Aerial Ladder Spec Sheet

The LP-102 is the perfect solution when you are faced with a smaller fire station that not only has small door openings, but also limited in the length of vehicle that can be kept. The LP-102 can be built as low as 10’ 10” with a pre-piped waterway and 10’ 4” without waterway. If needed, the truck can also come in under 39’ overall length.

While the truck can fit into small openings, it doesn’t sacrifice performance. You still get a heavy duty ladder with a 500 pound tip load flowing 1250 GPM in any ladder configuration.


Chassis:  Inferno up to 600hp
Ultra up to 500hp
Body:  Extruded Aluminum – quint or truck (no pump/tank)
Compartments:  Quint 1: Left side full height x 24” deep; Right side full height w/EZ-Stack hose bed
Quint 2: Left and right side full height 24” deep lower/12” deep upper w/hose chutes
Truck: Left and right side full height, 24” deep lower/transverse upper ahead of aerial
Ladder Storage:  Up to 200’ ground ladders enclosed in full length torque box
Pump:  Up to 3000 gpm pump
Tank Size:  Up to 500 gallons
Ladder and Reach:  4-section heavy duty steel ladder with -6⁰ to +72⁰ operational envelope
Over 180⁰ rotation at -6⁰
102’ vertical reach at 72⁰ and 100’ horizontal reach at 0⁰
59’ vertical and 87’ horizontal reach at 30⁰
Rated Load Capacity:  500 pounds dry / 500 pounds flowing 1250 gpm 
Up to 2750 pounds distributed + 500 pounds at the tip while flowing 1250 gpm
No restrictions on waterway monitor positioning while flowing 1250 gpm
Warranty:  10 year cab and body structural
25 year aerial structural
10 year waterway and waterway seals
15 year torque box & stabilizer


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