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The Cleveland Grip

The Cleveland Grip


The Cleveland Hose Lay is a clever hose pack that is designed to easily deploy in tight spaces while eliminating hose kinking.  Minimal man power is required to deploy the hose.  Made of 2" nylon webbing with 2" Nexus quick side release buckles that are easily released with your gloves on.  There is a looped end for cinching up and removable shoulder strap fore easy carrying.  The grip holds 100 feet of 1 3/4" hose with the nozzle attached.  The Cleveland Grip is designed for a stand pipe operation or to be connected to an existing line with a gated wye.  The overall length is 36" and each strap has an adjustable circumference range of 4"-27". 

Color:  Royal Blue 

Wt. 24ozs.

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