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Modern Deluxe Helmet - Visor

Modern Deluxe Helmet - Visor
Modern Deluxe Helmet - Visor
Modern Deluxe Helmet - Visor
Modern Deluxe Helmet - Visor
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SKU: FDX-911H914

Visor Size


Modern Deluxe Modern Style Helmet

Features a fiberglass compression-molded shell with superior flame and heat resistance, thermal impact cap, ratchet adjustment, and an adjustable headband to fit all SCBA‰۪s.

UL Certified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971, current edition.

  • Ear/Neck cover of black NOMEXå¨ lined with FR Cotton
  • 3M‰ã¢ Scotchlite‰ã¢ Reflective Material - Lime/Silver Triple Trim Chevrons
  • Leather sweatband and nape
  • 4.7 lbs
Eye Protection:
  • 4" oråÊ6" Visor oråÊESS Innerzone 3 Goggles
  • Faceshield Option: 4" or 6" visor
    • Hard-coated PPC material designed to fit the contour of the helmet shell brim
    • Mounted to the helmet shell brim by a glass-reinforced, flame resistant, nylon handwheel on a threaded stud
    • Certified to meet the optic requirements of ANSI Z87.1 Standard for Eye and Face Protection
    • Meets the NFPA 1971 requirements for heat resistance and impact performance
  • Goggle Option:
    • Full perimeter ventilation and filtration system made from high heat resistant materials
    • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    • Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection and optical clarity and meet ANSI Z87.1 for impact resistance
    • One (1) piece quick releaseåÊStrap System made of 26mm wide high memory woven Nomex
Helmet Shell:
  • Flared, rear-brim design with a length of 14‰۝, a width of 10‰۝, and a height of 6 7/8‰۝
  • Modern style,åÊcomposite fiberglass with a thermoset resin
  • Color pigment isåÊadded to the resin.
  • Matte finishåÊ
  • Aluminum reinforced elastomeric edge beading that is secured at the brim rear with a stainless steel clip and D-ring fastened by a stainless steel rivet
Helmet Impact Liner System:
  • Urethane foam liner adhered to a high heat resistant inner shell
  • Hook and loop material attached to secure the impact liner system to the helmet shell
  • Hold down clips mounted to the helmet shell extendåÊover the impact liner
Helmet Suspension System:
  • Three (3) å_‰۝ nylon web straps extendåÊto six (6) locations around the impact liner
  • Straps attached to a rubber gasket that is located in the lip of the impact liner.
  • Includes a foam crown pad
Helmet Headband:
  • Quick adjustment sizing capability by means of a ratchet adjustment system attached to a heat resistant nylon headband
  • Attached to the impact liner system by four (4) nylon screws
  • Height adjuster located at the rear of the headband inside the impact liner that allows at least 1‰۝ of travel by means of two (2) height adjustment keys for proper fit
Helmet Sweat Band:åÊRemovable foam padding at the forehead
Helmet Chinstrap:
  • Two (2) pieces of å_‰۝ black Nomex webbing with a one hand quick release thermoplastic buckle and postman slide
  • Fully extended the maximum length shall be at least 24‰۝ when measured from one attachment point to the opposite attachment point
Helmet Ear/Neck Cover:
  • The ear/neck cover shall be two layers of either a 100% Nomex outer shell backed with FR cotton
  • Attached to the impact liner with a 3/4‰۝ strip of hook and loop material sewn across the top of the ear/neck cover allowing for removal/replacementåÊ
Helmet Retroreflective Trim:
  • Eeight (8) pentagon-shaped fluorescent lime-yellow, retroreflective markings equidistantly located around the circumference
  • Glass bead based to maximize heat resistance.
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