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Navigator Pro Valve Controller - Elect 2 Button

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The Navigator Pro Valve Controller is the latest in the lineup of Akron Brass innovations. Completely reinvented, it is packed with user-friendly features that improve operational effectiveness and safety. The 9323 is a basic valve controller and comes with true position feedback with presets. All of the features are displayed on high visibility, full-color LCD screen. All valve control systems are fully NFPA 1901 compliant. Find a distributor near you if you’re interested in any of our valve control systems.


  • Valve open and close.
  • The full-color LCD display that does not wash out in bright sunlight and visible from all angles.
  • True position feedback from the valve. 
  • User programmable presets. Easy to configure for the first time and then to activate on the fire scene to quickly charge a line or get the right CAFS mixture.
  • % open text is shown on valve bar graph. Can be disabled if it is not desired.
  • Color indication available.  ptional color indicators are available as well as the ability to program in the valve name and the discharge color on the top bar of the display.
  • USB port onboard. Software for display and motor driver can be easily updated via USB flash drive.
  • Easy to navigate setup menu.  With additional buttons, menus are much easier to navigate and configure.
  • Auto-dimming capability. Display will sense ambient light and adjust brightness automatically.  This feature can be disabled if a set brightness is desired in all conditions
  • Multiple display capable. Multiple displays can be used to control the same valve.  No longer limited to two displays - 3, 4 or even 5 can be used and easily installed.
  • Auto open - when option is turned on and valve is closed, pressing the open button once will automatically open the valve all the way.
  • V-Mux hardware on-board for future V-Mux integration.
  • CAN networked. System communicates using standard J1939 CAN protocol. Allows for flexible networked installations where needed.
  • Installation flexibility with multiple options for power connections: power for the motor can be run from the display or powered directly at the valve.