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Nightfall Leader Smoke 3 Machine (110v)

Nightfall Leader Smoke 3 Machine (110v)

SKU: TEM-710-430

The Leader Smoke Machine is designed to produce dense, realistic smoke for evacuation drills and completely safe training sessions.

• Adjustable Flow Rate Produces Light or Dense smoke
• Digital remote control panel for intuitive settings:
• Controlled volume of smoke required for each scenario 
• Select length of time for the smoke to be produced
• Select time interval between smoke generations

Permanent Heating System
• Continuous dense smoke production
• Avoids interruptions of operation during programmed period
• Default operation at reduced flow to conserve fluid

Robust & Compact Design
• Impact-resistant, splash-resistant outer casing
• Simple & easy to transport
• Compact design takes up little space
• Detachable – Sturdy Remote Control
• Operation and initiating remote production of smoke

SMOKE 3 - Specifications
Heat Exchanger   1200 W
Heat Up Time   7 min.
Overheat Protection   Yes (Direct Thermal Protection)
Coverage   600m³/min (17,757cfm)
Power   8.7A at 110 VAC/60Hz
  5.3A at 230 VAC/50Hz
Weight   24.7 lbs (11.2 kg)
Dimensions   19.1" x 13.2" x 9.6"
  (485mm x 335mm x 242mm)
Fluid Capacity   .66 gal. (2.5 l)
Fluid Consumption   0.02 Gal/min ( 88 ml/min) 


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