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P4 Rescue System Kit 1-XWRS

P4 Rescue System Kit 1-XWRS


Kit Includes:  

  • (1) P4 Rescue Tool  
  • (2) EDD Battery  
  • (1) EDD Charger  
  • (1) P4fx Spreaders Tool Attachment  
  • (1) P4w Cutter Tool Attachment  
  • (1) p-40 Power Pusher Ram  
  • (1) Sawzall Extrication Kit

The P4 unites the innovations of POWER HAWK's aerospace gear technology with RESQTEC's latest Electronic Direct Drive (EDD) motor and lithium battery technology, resulting in a super compact and self-contained battery-powered rescue tool that delivers enormous spreading and cutting power for getting jobs done! Unmatched VERSATILITY and POWER has soared to new heights. Come and experience it for yourself!

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