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Portable Scene Light - 120V AC/12V DC - Yellow

Portable Scene Light - 120V AC/12V DC - Yellow

SKU: STR-45670

Six C4® LEDs and wide pattern parabolic reflectors produce a smooth flood pattern;
optimized electronics provide regulated intensity
3 levels of lighting:
- High for a super-bright flood beam: 5,300 lumens; 410m beam; runs 4 hours
- Medium for an intense beam and longer run time: 2,500 lumens; 292m beam; runs 9 hours
- Low for when a less intense beam is ideal and for longer run time: 1,300 lumens;
215m beam; runs 18 hours
Indefinite run time with AC/DC power cord
Sealed lead acid batteries rechargeable up to 500 times; 10 hour charge time
Batteries will continue to charge while operating directly from a dedicated AC or DC power source -
includes 10ft (3m) DC power cord
High-impact thermoplastic housing; weatherproof construction
IP67 rated; dust-tight and waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
Designed to resist 40mph wind continuous in all directions with head fully extended
25 lbs. (11.33kg) is easy to carry to work area and helps provide stabilization (in conjunction with
stabilization legs) on uneven surfaces
Limited lifetime warranty

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