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PROMASK 25 POLY LENS Air-Purifying Full Face Piece

PROMASK 25 POLY LENS Air-Purifying Full Face Piece

SKU: SCT-013027


Head Harness

The Promask 25 facepiece is ergonomically
designed to be lightweight and well-balanced,
suitable for use in virtually any industrial or
manufacturing environment. The halo-butyl
elastomer material used in the Promask 25
offers unmatched resistance to chemicals and
ozone aging.

A built-in speech diaphragm helps improve
speech intelligibility for overall clearer
communication. Enhanced communication
helps reduce the possibility of mistakes in the
workplace and improves worker effectiveness
and safety.

Featuring a large polycarbonate lens, the
Promask 25 offers a wide field of vision. The
wider sealing edge on the facepiece and the
adjustable 5-point head harness, ensure a
superior fit on any face. The filters are mounted
on the side of the mask, and do not interfere
with the user’s line of sight. In addition, a sweat
port in the chin pocket provides added comfort
during extended wear.



• Wide, polycarbonate lens offers increased viewing area
• Cartridge placement is out of user’s line of sight
• Halo-butyl elastomer facepiece material is resistant to chemicals
and daily wear & tear
• Excellent speech diaphragm, for clear voice intelligibility
• Easily adjustable, 5-point head harness
• Contoured sealing edge for great fit

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