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QUADRACUP NOZZLE 1.5" NH (38mm) Selectable gallonage nozzle with four flow settings of 30, 60, 95, and 125 gpm @ 100 psi (110, 230, 360 and 470 l/min @ 7 bar). All lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminum. Flush without shutting down. Quick-change rear valve seat and stainless steel shut-off ball. Rocker lug 1.5" NH (38mm) swivel is standard.

PRODUCT SERIES OVERVIEW • The BubbleCup and QuadraCup are TFT exclusives designed specifically for water and foam applications with Class A and AFFF foam in a single nozzle, no attachments necessary.

• The BubbleCup and QuadraCup are ideally suited to work with eductors, on-board foam proportioning systems, or even batch mixed foam solutions and can easily move from aspirated foam to a wide protective fog pattern.

• The BubbleCup and QuadraCup offer models specifically for break-and-extend operations, or with an integrated stainless steel ball shutoff and TFT's unique "quick change" rear valve seat as well as color coded handle and pistol grip.


Flow Control Method Selectable Flow at a pressure (constant gallonage, flow does not change with pattern)

Flow Rate 30 & 60 & 95 & 125 gpm (110 & 230 & 360 & 470 l/min)

Coupling Size (Nozzles) 1 1/2 inch (38mm)

Coupling Style (Nozzles) Rocker Coupling Swiveling/Rigid (Nozzles) Swivel (non-full time, no swivel after tightening)

Pressure 100 psi (7bar)

Nozzle Body Style Nozzle with shutoff

Valve Design Ball Valve (Stainless)

Valve Actuation Method Horseshoe (Injection Molded Nylon w/ Colored Handle)

Fog Pattern Method cut metal teeth (fixed)

Nozzle Bumper Material PVC

Certifications N/A

Foam Expansion Performance Low Expansion

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