Red Rack Mobile-Double Sided

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    • Adjustable boot and helmet shelves.
    • Adjustable apparel hooks.
    • Label holder.
    • Four swivel casters, two with foot operated brakes.
    • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.
  • Security option includes top security shelf, rear security panel and lockable door
  • Dimensions: 40" deep x 79" tall.
Part # Description
RMDS-6/18 57.25” Long unit with six 18” wide sections
RMDS-8/18 76.00” Long unit with eight 18” wide sections
RMDS-4/20 42.50” Long unit with four 20” wide sections
RMDS-6/20 63.25” Long unit with six 20” wide sections
RMDS-4/24 50.50” Long unit with four 24” wide sections
RMDS-6/24  75.25” Long unit with six 24” wide sections