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Robopak XL9210 (Power Tool 6-28V)

Robopak XL9210 (Power Tool 6-28V)

SKU: ACD-3482


Increase the run times of your tools 6-10 times!

Able to power hundreds of DC powered tools, lights and equipment with voltage requirements of 6-to-28v (Milwaukee, DeWalt, Hilti, Bosch, Makita, Greenlee, Huskie etc.), this very popular Robopak® is encased in a heavy-duty all-weather high impact plastic casing and includes durable "O" rings with a shoulder strap. The 6-7/8" base supports a quick-connect side mount lighting system for the "SuperBrite" light (allowing you to run your tool and light separately or at the same time). Charge friendly, the XL 9210 can be recharged at any point of discharge without memory problems and can be left on charge when not in use. Additional features include cost savings refurbish / battery replacement program and AC or DC charging.

Cat. No. 3482 XL9210 power range:

Amp Hr @ 24-28v---------12
Amp Hr @ 18v--------------12
Amp Hr @ 14.4 & 12v---24
Amp Hr @ 6v-----------------48

Chargers (AC Charger, DC Charger), QC LED Light, and tool adapters sold separately.

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