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Rope Rescue Truck Cache Kit - Traditional Rigging Kit

Rope Rescue Truck Cache Kit - Traditional Rigging Kit

SKU: CMC-501109

Traditional Rigging Kit

with 5 PMP Swivel Pulleys

When setting up systems, this well-organized kit provides efficient access to all the rigging hardware needed to set up a main line and belay. The case can be laid on the ground or suspended from the side of a vehicle with integrated gutter hooks, yet when closed, fits easily into a vehicle cabinet or behind the seat.

Rope Rescue Truck Cache Traditional Rigging Kit™ Includes:
Truck Cache™ FastLink™ Anchor Straps - Medium (2)
Anchor Strap Sleeves - Medium (2) Edge Pad - XL
Ultra-Pro™ 4 Edge Protector AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Short (5)
Tubular Webbing - 40 ft (2 x 20 ft) AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Long (1)
PMP Swivel Pulleys (5) Rescue Rack
Load Release Straps (2) Anchor Plate
ProSeries® Screw-Lock Carabiners - Brite (11) Aluminum Oval Carabiner
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