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Scott Sight Standard Full Kit

Scott Sight Standard Full Kit
Scott Sight Standard Full Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Scott Sight Standard Full Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Scott Sight Standard Full Kit

SKU: SCT-201581-01


Comm Bracket

Harness Straps

The Scott Sight Full Kit Standard includes camera, in-mask display (IMD) and a new modified nose cup, AV-3000HT Facepiece with 5-point strap. Optional left side Epic Comm bracket is available.

Finally, a truly hands-free thermal imager. Scott Sight provides unmatched situational intelligence without the need to stop searching a room or put down your hose line. 

Firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras since the 1990s to see through the thick smoke often encountered during fires. Advancements in thermal imaging technology have now reduced the size of the components and enabled new applications. Scott Sight's revolutionary design integrates a lightweight camera and display in the firefighter's mask, keeping the thermal image in view at all times.

  • Hands free thermal imaging – Need we say more?
  • Powerful and light – At 8 ½ ounces you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Fits any AV-3000 HT face piece – Buy altogether or upgrade you current AV-3000 HT face piece
  • 160x120 resolution and 9 frames per second –Everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Auto-dimming – When conditions are darkest you won’t blinded by the light.
  • Infinity lens – Ensures a clear picture with no eyestrain.
  • Adjustable display – Configurable to your line of sight
  • four-hour run time – Powered by simple, everyday AAA batteries.
  • Four-hour TVR capability – Great for training or after - action reviews.
  • Max or Ambient temperature settings (F or C) – User configurable.
  • Four-user configurable screen options – Different user interfaces for different tastes.
  • Suspend display – Temporarily powers down the display to reduce distraction
  • Extremely economical – Priced so low every firefighter should have one.
  • NIOSH & NFPA certifications pending – Expected late May early June 2016.

Globally certified to IS standards by CSA. 

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