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Scott Sight Pro Package

Scott Sight Pro Package
Scott Sight Pro Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Scott Sight Pro Package
Load image into Gallery viewer, Scott Sight Pro Package

SKU: SCT-201581-01P


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3M Scott Sight Pro Package is the next evolution of the industry’s first in-mask, hands-free thermal imaging solution. Pro Package adds new advanced features that enable firefighters with more situational awareness during fireground operations.  


  • Auto System Power Off -- Equipped with an accelerometer to automatically turn off the system while not in use
  • Single-Button Power Off -- Power off both the in-mask display (IMD) & thermal imaging camera (TIC) by a single button press
  • IMD Instantaneous On -- Power the IMD on with a one-second push of the IMD power button
  • Standby Mode -- Activate standby mode with a single push of the TIC power button
  • Enhanced Battery Performance -- Improved battery life while the system is not active on the fire ground
  • Fits Any AV-3000 HT Facepiece -- Buy as a complete kit or upgrade your current AV-3000 HT facepiece
  • In-Mask Display (IMD) -- See a clear image unaffected by external conditions
  • Adjustable Display -- Configurable to your line of sight
  • Minimum Four-Hour Battery Life -- Powered by simple, everyday AAA batteries
  • IOS and Android apps that enhance and personalize the Scott Sight experience
  • Hot-Spot Tracker -- Immediately identifies the hottest part of the scene and provides indicators within an area to improve decision-making capabilities. Ideal for overhaul, search and rescue, and risk assessment.
  • Cold-Spot Tracker -- Assist in locating and pinpointing thread or valve gas leaks in seconds. Cold-spot tracker can also be used in HAZMAT environments to monitor the nominal temperature of chemicals.
  • Tactical Video Recording (TVR) -- Automatically record all the information shown on the IMD for review later.

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