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SKU: DSLC-585-A-8


The ultimate in handy, convenient ladders - Light weight, these ladders fold into a compact bundle for storing or carrying. In the open position, special locking devices keep the ladders absolutely rigid. Equipped with Duo-Safety Ladder shoes as an extra precaution.

  • 300 lb. Duty Rated
  • 14" Rung Centers
  • Safety Shoes are Standard
Series 585-A Aluminum
Size Open Length Closed Length Open Width Banking Dimensions Weight*
8' 8' .375" 8' 9.75" 12.12" 2.75"x4.5" 13 lbs
9' 9' 1.87" 10' .25" 12.12" 2.75"x4.5" 15 lbs
10' 10' 1.87" 11' .25" 12.12" 2.75"x4.5" 16 lbs
12' 12' .375" 12' 10.75" 12.12" 2.75"x4.5" 20 lbs
14' 14' .375" 14' 10.75" 12.12" 2.75"x4.5" 22 lbs
All dimensions listed are N.F.P.A. Design Verification Standards. Variations occur in each product of approximately +/- .125" due to the type of rivets, nuts, bolts etc. used. If you require precise dimensions, please call our office and request a copy of our current field dimension sheets.
* Weight listed is actual weight of product only. For shipping purposes, please call our office for packaged weight before obtaining freight estimates.
Safety Warnings: This ladder folds side to side (together), caution should be used when placing your hands/fingers for closing and opening ladder. 

If the lock assembly is bent or does not properly lock DO NOT USE ladder as it is not safe to climb.
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