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Shurguard Ultimate Laundry Sanitizer - Kills COVID-19

Shurguard Ultimate Laundry Sanitizer - Kills COVID-19

SKU: 63-5497407-12


1.5 Gallon Bottles

SHURGUARD ULTIMATE Q - PPE Laundry Sanitizer / Disinfectant - NFPA 1851 Compliant

Shurguard Ultimate Q - Laundry Sanitizer/Disinfectant meets NFPA requirements for laundry sanitizing of your PPE.  Use as directed to achieve effective cleaning results.

pH = 7, in concentrate.

Safe to be used for SCBA Face Mask/Facepiece Cleaner & Disinfectant. 

LAUNDRY SANITIZER: When added at the rate of 1.33 oz. of this product per gal. water (16 oz. of this product per 100 lbs. of dry laundry) (or equivalent use dilution) (780 ppm active), this formulation provides sanitization against Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin Resistant (MRSA) and is effective against HIV-1 in rinse water up to 200 ppm hard water.

KILLS HIV-1 ON LAUNDRY IN COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL APPLICATIONS. This product provides virucidal* activity against HIV-1 on fabrics when presoaked with a 4-minute contact time followed by normal washing in detergent and rinsing at a rate of 16 oz. of this product per 100 lbs. of dry laundry in water hardness up to 200 ppm.

LAUNDRY SANITIZING DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For sanitizing step, fill washer to low water level with minimum temperature water of 95°F. Using an appropriate dispenser, inject this product into the sanitizing rinse step at the rate of 1.33 oz. of this product per gal. water (16 oz. of this product per 100 lbs. of dry laundry) (780 ppm active) (or equivalent use dilution). Treat the laundry for a minimum of 5 minutes at a minimum temperature of 95°F. 

DO NOT use other laundry additives, such as fabric softeners, laundry sours, starch and sizing when cleaning structural turnout garments or other fire rated PPE.

PDF FILE:  Recommended Sanitizing Soak/Wash Cycle link (NFPA 1851)

After the soak cycle, remove and separate layers, then wash per standard Advanced Cleaning procedures.

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