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Single Sided Freestanding Ready Rack

Single Sided Freestanding Ready Rack


Section Width

# of Sections

CHROME PLATED freestanding units are supplied with the following standard components:
• Two levels of open wire shelving.
• 74" tall support posts.
• Full-length grid dividers to separate sections.
• Adjustable apparel hooks.
• Label holder.
• Single sided units are supplied with 4" tall back ledges.
• Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.


Dry Kwik Coat Hangers
Helmet Holders
Glove Dry Hanger

Model# Length
FSS-3/18 54”
FSS-4/18 72”
FSS-5/18 90”
FSS-6/18 108”
FSS-8/18 144”
FSS-10/18 180”
FSS-12/18 216”
FSS-15/18 270”
FSS-16/18 288”
FSS-20/18 360”
FSS-24/18 432”
FSS-3/24 72”
FSS-4/24 96”
FSS-5/24 120”
FSS-6/24 144”
FSS-8/24 192”
FSS-10/24 240”
FSS-12/24 288”
FSS-15/24 360”
FSS-20/24 480”
FSS-24/24 576”
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