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Ska-Pak AT Supplied Air Respirator

Ska-Pak AT Supplied Air Respirator

SKU: SCT-SAR424060431001



Air Line

The Ska-Pak AT is 3M Scott Fire & Safety's most advanced Supplied-Air Respirator with the added benefit of a patented, automatic, hands-free air transfer capability. If your continuous air supply is interrupted, your air source is instantly switched to the portable air cylinder automatically.

Upon transfer, the Vibralert tactile alarm system activates, letting the user know that the respirator has transferred to cylinder air. The Ska-Pak AT is available with either a padded nylon or padded Kevlar harness, or an integrated Full Body Harness for fall protection, ideal for confined space applications.

  • Automatic, hands-free transfer from the external air source to cylinder in the event of primary air source interruption
  • Personal, tactile Vibralert alarm lets wearer know their air source has been transferred to cylinder air
  • “Onboard” cylinder low-pressure indicator for ultimate safety and awareness
  • Combination Type C positive pressure respirator with escape cylinder for entry into escape from hazardous, confined space, or Immediately Dangerous To Life (IDLH) situations.
  • Includes E-Z Flo Pressure Demand Regulator with First Breath Activation and low exhalation resistance for easy breathing and reduced user fatigue.
  • Optional E-Z Flo Modulair regulator can be used with the Industrial SCBA or E-Z Airline supplied air respirators for ease of training and minimized inventory cost.
  • Available in 3, 5, 10, or 15 minute rated cylinder egress options for selection versatility based on the job at hand.
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