Ferrara Fire Apparatus

Skyflow 100' Super Pumper

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 Skyflow Spec Sheet


When high flow, over the top applications are demanded and vertical reach is a priority, the Skyflow SP-100 Ladder DEFINITELY answers the call. Never before has an Industrial Aerial Apparatus given emergency response teams flow capability of up to 5000 gpm through an aerial device and still have reserve capacity with the US Fire Pump HPV pump system when supplied from a pressurized source.


Chassis:  Inferno 600 hp
Body:  Extruded Aluminum
Modular 12 Gauge Stainless Steel
Compartments:  Standard or rescue with full height compartments as deep as 28”
Pump:  US Fire Pump 5500 gpm High Velocity Pump (HVP) in cast iron, cast bronze or stainless steel construction with pressurized lubrication system
Foam System:  Foam Pro AccuMax 3300 Series Multi-Point Direct Injection System
Nozzle:  Williams Ranger 3 Plus, Elkhart Magnum or Akron Renegade
Warranty:  Cab structural and body structural is 10 year or 100,000 miles