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Soft-Pack Series Energy Absorbers

Soft-Pack Series Energy Absorbers

SKU: SP1101L6


Soft-Pack Series

These compact, lightweight and durable energy absorbers are designed to reduce the possibility of serious injury by reducing the arresting force on a worker to less than 900 lbs.  The clear protective covering provides for fast, easy visual inspection. Model # 5155 locking snaphooks are standard on all Soft-Pack energy absorbers and help reduce the possibility of accidental disengagement. Other snaphooks and connectors are available.   Meets OSHA, ANSI standards.  CSA Z259.11-05 approved models available.

Soft-Pack energy absorber with 1" wide polyester web lanyard with #5155 locking snaphooks at each end.  6 ft. length other lengths available. Meets ANSI Z359.13, A10.32

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