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SPECTRA MS LED Brow - Contour Mounts

SPECTRA MS LED Brow - Contour Mounts




Fire Research Spectra MS LED Floodlight model shall contour roof mount light shall be installed. The mounting brackets shall attach to the bottom of the lamphead and be machined to conform to the roof radius. Wiring shall extend from a weatherproof strain relief at the rear of the lamphead.

The lamphead shall have 36 ultra-bright white LEDs, 30 for flood lighting and 6 to provide a spot light beam pattern. It shall operate at 12/24 volts DC, draw 10.8/5.4 amps, and generate 14,000 lumens of light. The lamphead shall have a unique lens that directs flood lighting onto the work area and focuses the spot light beam into the distance. The lamphead shall be no more than 6 1/2" high by 8 3/4" wide. The lamphead and mounting bracket shall be powder coated white. The light shall be for fire service use
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