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Tactical Personal Rappel Kit

Tactical Personal Rappel Kit

SKU: CMC-500501


Tactical equipment must be lightweight, durable and low profile. Our Tactical Personal Rappel Kit is all three. It provides everything needed for rappel access or escape for one tactical officer, including our exclusive Stealth Rope Bag, designed to be worn securely on the lower leg for quick, easy access. The kit’s storage bag and equipment are black to reduce visibility.

Kit Includes:
Personal Gear Bag - Black Stealth Rope Bag
8 Link Tactical Rappel Harness
Variable Anchor Strap - Black Edge Guard - Large
ProTech™ Screw-Lock Carabiners - Black (4) ProTech™ Manual-Lock Carabiner - Slate
KONG TRAPEZIUM QUICK-LINK CMC Lifeline - 75 ft of Black 3/8 in
Prusik Cord - 5 ft of Blue 7 mm Tubular Webbing - 20 ft of Black
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