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TEU-2.15D EU2000 Generator 1500w Light, STD

TEU-2.15D EU2000 Generator 1500w Light, STD


Designed and Manufactured exclusively by TELE-LITE, our TEU-2.15D light/generator provides 1500 watts of Quartz Halogen lighting. These generator/lighting units are powered by the Honda EU2000i 2000-watt inverter-style generator and are quiet, light-weight and fold for compact storage.

  • Clean Power - run sensitive electronics
  • Eco-Throttle Technology - long running time
  • Parallel Operation - optional linking doubles power
  • Simultaneous AC/DC
  • Super Quiet

    Uses of this type of self-contained lighting are unlimited.

  • Emergencies
  • Public Services & Utilities
  • Recreation
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