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TNT Rescue R-Series Ram Accessories

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Part #  Description
R-EXT-S 10 Inch Extension With 529001 Saddle For Use With R-20,R-30, R-40 and R-50 Series Ram
529000 Ram Saddle ( R-20, R-30, R-40 and R-50 )
529001 Ram Saddle For the 5 and 10 Inch Extension
529003 5 Inch Extension
529004 10 Inch Extension
529005 C-Saddle For R-Series Ram
529006 Wedge Saddle For R-Series Ram
529007 Conical Spear Head For R-Series Ram
529008 Cutting Saddle for R-Series Ram
529012 Cutting and Peeling Saddle for R-Series Ram
529013 Push Plate For R-Series Ram
529014 Base Plate for R-Series Ram