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TNT Rescue SLR-40 Lightweight Ram

TNT Rescue SLR-40 Lightweight Ram



  • Mineral Base Hydraulic Oil 10,500 PSI (724 BAR)
  • Penetrating Bear Teeth, on both ram tip and base
  • Bear Teeth provide better grip, greater control and increasing safety during displacement
  • True variable speed control (TVSC), deadman control increases manageability in critical situations
  • Dual Pilot check valves for reliable & superior load holding
  • Capability of rams can be increased with the addition of TNT Accessories
  • The R-Series provides both pushing and pulling capabilities.
  • Available Couplers: Standard, Flat Face or Coaxial
  • FOREVER Warranty
SLR-40 Specs
Max. Operating Pressure 10,5000 psi / 724 bar
 Max. Push Force 18,551 lbs. / 82 kN
 Max. Pull Force 8,115 lbs. / 36 kN
 Stroke Length 18.9 in. / 480 mm
 Extended Length 40 in. / 1,016 mm
 Closed Length 19.5 in. / 495.3 mm
 Width 3.5 in. / 88.9 mm
 Height 6.7 in. / 170.2 mm
 Deployment Weight 24.1 lbs. / 10.9 kg
 Manufactured to NFPA 1936 2015 Ed. Yes
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