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Uniform Rappel Belt

Uniform Rappel Belt

SKU: CMC-202422


In a class by itself, CMC offers the only NFPA Certified Uniform Rappel Belts available. Designed for everyday wear but with the performance needed for an emergency rappel or belay. Standard uniform wear for search and rescue, SWAT and fire rescue personnel, the belt is constructed to the same exacting standards as our harness line and is the only certified uniform belt available. The tail end of the belt and the V-ring attachment point are secured out of the way with hook and loop.

Note: This belt is not intended as a substitute for a harness.


Small 202422 ESCAPE BELT 9 OZ (255 G) BLACK 26 - 32 IN (66 - 81 CM)
Medium 202423 ESCAPE BELT 9 OZ (255 G) BLACK 30 - 36 IN (76 - 91 CM)
Large 202424 ESCAPE BELT 10 OZ (283 G) BLACK 34 - 42 IN (86 - 107 CM)
X-Large 202425 ESCAPE BELT 10 OZ (283 G) BLACK 40 - 48 IN (102 - 122 CM)


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