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VentMaster 397K Cutoff Saw

VentMaster 397K Cutoff Saw

SKU: TEM-TV406-507A

Depth Gauge Option

Included Blade Option

The 397K Cutoff Saw is the newest addition to the VentMaster® line of durable cutting tools for the fire service. Incorporating features found on no other fire/rescue cutoff saw, the VentMaster® 397K meets the needs of today’s fire service personnel.

Stability Like No Other Saw

The 397K features a 1.5″ diameter by 7″ wide saw support roller attached underneath the engine head to provide for more stable operation and to support the weight of the saw during long trench cuts. Also provides leverage during plunge cuts.

Fast, Easy Starting

A compression release button reduces the amount of force required to get the saw started. A D-Ring Starter Handle makes the saw easy to crank while wearing heavy gloves.

Versatility For Tough Cutting Jobs

A 180-degree reversible cutting arm allows cutting within one inch of walls, curbs, or vertical obstructions. Ideal for tight confined space situations that require awkward cutting angles.

Additional Features

  • VentMaster Diamond Cutoff Saw Blades
  • KIS-360 Depth Gauge
  • Wet Kit
  • Stabilizing Roller Assembly
  • Active Air Filtration™
  • D-Ring Starter Handle
  • DuraStarter™
  • SmartCarb™
ENGINE / HP 94 cc / 6.4 hp
POWER HEAD Husqvarna® K970
GUARD SIZES 14″ (12″ / 16″ Available Special Order)
BLADE SPEED 4725 rpm
CUT DEPTH 4.75″ (w/ 14″ diameter blade)
DRY WEIGHT 23.4 lbs.
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