VS-1 Battery Driven PPV Fan

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The Tempest® Tech Series is an innovative line of positive pressure blowers featuring ergonomic design features and leading-edge motor technology and performance. Tech Series blowers are engineered for performance, durability, versatility, and ease of use.

The VS-1 battery-driven blower is the first member of the Tempest Tech Series family. It delivers a level of utility and performance found with no other battery-driven blower:

  • ERGONOMIC, patent-pending frame design. Transverse wheels and integrated handle enable quick removal from vehicle compartment and transport to ventilation point. The VS-1 is easy to roll and easy to carry.
  • LED FLOW PATH LIGHTING illuminates the walkway in front of the blower, improving visibility in lowlight conditions and enhancing safety during ventilation operations.
  • 70-MINUTE+ OPERATING TIME on a lithium-ion battery.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN (52 lbs including battery) minimizes operator fatigue and potential lifting injuries. Welded tubular aluminum frame and spun aluminum shroud provide maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • AIRFLOW PERFORMANCE MAXIMIZED by the tapered aluminum shroud, all steel Thin-VaneTM air straightener grill, and composite impeller. The shroud, grill, and impeller were engineered together, resulting in the highest airflow performance of any battery-powered blower.
  • SEALED ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, CONNECTIONS, AND WIRING for maximum resistance to water, dust, and smoke.