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Scott Safety

X380 X-Series Camera with Standard Hot and Cold Spot Tracker, 2X/4X Zoom, & Two Batteries

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The X-Series thermal imaging camera, powered by ISG technology, provides firefighters with the ultimate combination of situational awareness, lightweight design and robust features. The superior image quality enables firefighters to fully interpret a fire scene and make more-informed tactical decisions.

Product Features:

• High Resolution Detection – See more with the highest pixel resolution (384 x 288) guaranteeing the clearest image is delivered at all times

• Tactical Color – Achieve crisp, clear image performance in temperatures above 2000°F with our unique transparent color

• Menu-Free Performance - See in multiple environments without the need of selecting modes in a menu

• Hot Spot Tracker– A true, fully-automatic overhaul tool that leaves no question about the hottest object in the field of view

• Cold Spot Tracker – Enables responders to locate and pin point thread/valve leaks

• Intelligent Focus™ – See an object in crystal clear detail, with no manual adjustment required