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X2 Glove

X2 Glove
X2 Glove
X2 Glove
X2 Glove
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The new flagship structural firefighting glove from Dragon Fire Gloves. This glove is in compliance with UL's 2018 certification.

This glove features a new KOVENEX P thermal liner exclusive to Dragon Fire, This new blend of performance fibers provides; improved TPP; improved cut and tear strength; and no harmful chemical treatments added (commonly used in today's thermal protective barriers). I

  • Full and complete natural leather outer shell 
  • Premium Italian top grain cow and swine hide
  • No fabric utilized on outer shell Unequaled wet grip strength
  • Strategic wear and grip pads on finger tips/thumb
  • Excellent cut / rip / abrasion resistance
  • Overall anatomically correct ergonomic design


  • Extreme dexterity with no sacrifice of protection
  • Glove refuses to harden or stiffen and remains soft/pliable after repeated use
  • Glove conforms and takes on unique hand signature of the user after repeated use
  • Hand is effortlessly able to be inserted and removed when glove and or hand is wet or sweaty
  • Liner remains intact (no pull out) and is guaranteed
  • Critical palm and back of hand (greater knuckle region) have the highest obtainable certification
  • TPP rating of greater than 60
  • All sizes and configurations in stock and ready to ship
  • Each pair packaged with versatile reusable utility bag and Velcro glove strap


  • The proprietary formulation specifically designed for the fire service
  • Robotically welded seams (not glued)
  • 350% elongation prior to burst (memory free performance)
  • Degradation (melt point) well above NFPA requirements
  • Superior liquid penetration resistance
  • Multiple sizes to accommodate various glove sizing


  • A revolutionary fabric made from a special patented blend of high-performance fibers
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