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ERB 380 No Floor w/ Paddles and Repair Kit

ERB 380 No Floor w/ Paddles and Repair Kit

SKU: ZNA-Z85036

The Zodiac MilPro ERB 380 has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of Search & Rescue Organisations throughout the World. Zodiac emergency response boats are highly portable, are able to be packed down in a bag and can be rapidly deployed by means of high-pressure inflation systems within minutes. Utilizing high-quality Hypalon/CSM fabrics and handcrafted construction, the ERB 380 is a very high-quality boat that can stand up to years of hard use. This is a perfect boat for water rescue whether in fast-moving rivers, in the surf and even on frozen lakes. Being lightweight, this boat can be carried down a bank by two to three people. Additionally, the ERB has heavy-duty lifting d-rings so it can be repelled down a cliff, belayed in strong white water, and even dropped into a ravine by a helicopter. If you are part of a rescue team, fire department or perform swift water rescue, the Zodiac MilPro ERB 380 is a perfect boat for the mission.
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